The little things.

For many years now, I am in a biweekly rotation to deliver a message/sermon at the church I attend. This is a big responsibility and one that I take very seriously. Yesterday morning was my turn in the rotation and I had a message topic to share that expanded on my communion meditation from theContinue reading “The little things.”

Interceding For God’s People

Interceding for God’s People    I was currently reading, The Second Thing About God Should Be the First Thing about Us by Eleeo Zamzummin. In chapter 2 there was a passage that caught my attention and I kept reading it over and over. Then I realized that this passage can be put into an equation. God’s love + truth + righteousness = humility + worship +peaceContinue reading “Interceding For God’s People”


I greeted my mother this morning with a short video of me playing the song Estralita. All week I had been thinking of the perfect gift to give my mom for Mother’s Day, then, I remembered yesterday how my mom frequently asks me to play Estralita on the piano during my Sunday visits to her.Continue reading “Estralita”

The Five F’s

In 2017 I overheard a conversation between two gentlemen at a coffee shop. I know what you’re thinking, and I must let you know that I don’t eavesdrop on a regular basis. However, I was studying at the time for my Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Certification class and they sat next to me, sooo, I takeContinue reading “The Five F’s”


The name Zephaniah means “The Lord hides”. It can also mean the Lord protects. In the bible, the book of Zephaniah announces to Judah the coming of the day of the Lord. On that day, God would severely punish the nations but also that God will be merciful to His people. The world as weContinue reading “Zephaniah”

Got to Believe in Magic

No one likes to be tricked unless of course for entertainment purposes. I am often impressed by magicians who make things disappear and/or appear, as if they have access to another dimension (a magical dimension). So, is magic real or is it an illusion? I say illusion appearing real. How ’bout you? Magic is justContinue reading “Got to Believe in Magic”


It is possible that the very first song I listened to as a toddler was Starry Starry Night, I mean Vincent. A song by Don McLean written as a tribute to Vincent von Gogh. For many years, I thought the name of that song was Starry Starry Night. I was told that every night for theContinue reading “Vincent”


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