I greeted my mother this morning with a short video of me playing the song Estralita. All week I had been thinking of the perfect gift to give my mom for Mother’s Day, then, I remembered yesterday how my mom frequently asks me to play Estralita on the piano during my Sunday visits to her. I decided I would come up with my version of Estralita using my guitar since I don’t have access to a piano at home. With just a days practice, I braved on and recorded a personal message to mom and of course my version of the song Estralita.

Thanks mom for teaching me the way I should go. I promise to not turn away from it (Proverbs 22:6). Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Thank you for the unconditional love and light you continue to illuminate. I can’t speak for everyone out there but my mom was my guiding star growing up and it’s so ironic that she always asks me to play that song, perhaps it reminds her of her mother (it was also one of my father’s favorite when he was alive). I think it’s more the latter than the former.


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I am a husband, son, brother, friend and most import of all I am a Christian. I am also a business owner at ESPIRITUSANTO MASSAGE where our motto is helping you feel your best! I like to write about things I am most passionate about: God, family and selfcare.

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