Got to Believe in Magic

No one likes to be tricked unless of course for entertainment purposes. I am often impressed by magicians who make things disappear and/or appear, as if they have access to another dimension (a magical dimension).

So, is magic real or is it an illusion? I say illusion appearing real. How ’bout you? Magic is just an illusion. However, it is real to the observant/s in that moment, in that time, until the magic is revealed. At that point the magic becomes an illusion and looses its intrigue. It’s the reason why magicians are very secretive about their craft. Otherwise, it would render them powerless. Still, after the revealing, their ingenuity, effort and passion to create what to us is real magic, is nothing short of amazing. So, is magic real? Ultimately, it all depends on how you look or should I say where you look (you’re perspective or vantage point of view). On a final note: Magic is all around us waiting to be revealed. And even though I know now that magic is just an illusion, the inner kid in me got to believe in magic. Have a magical rest of your day.

Published by freedom1928

I am a husband, son, brother, friend and most import of all I am a Christian. I am also a business owner at ESPIRITUSANTO MASSAGE where our motto is helping you feel your best! I like to write about things I am most passionate about: God, family and selfcare.

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