God Has All the Answers

Sitting in my car waiting for my work laundry to wash and a lady comes out talking to someone on the phone. Can’t help but to listen in to a little bit of her conversation. Something about everyone is staying at her house right now etc. I immediately assume it’s due to the hard times people are going through right now with home evictions on the rise. Renters and owners alike struggling to keep a roof over there heads. About a min or less I over hear another lady on her phone. Something about he let him or her stay in the pool. Immediately I assume it’s a joint custody issue. Funny where our thoughts take us when we only know a fraction of the full story. How we judge. And then I thought to myself, how does God do it? I mean he hears all of our prayers and is all knowing. How does he tune it all out. Well, perhaps because he is God he cares too much to want or even begin to think that. I mean that would be ungodly. Anyways, I don’t have the answers here only questions and thoughts because after all only God has all the answers.

Published by freedom1928

I am a husband, son, brother, friend and most import of all I am a Christian. I am also a business owner at ESPIRITUSANTO MASSAGE where our motto is helping you feel your best! I like to write about things I am most passionate about: God, family and selfcare.

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